Hi there! My name is Anie (aka @anielates on Instagram). I am the first POP Pilates® Instructor in the GTA, and I am thrilled to bring POP to Toronto and the surrounding areas!

I discovered Pilates over 10 years ago in my first year of university. I had never been very active before, but I loved the burn and the strength that I gained from Pilates. Fast-forward to 2011 when I stumbled upon POP Pilates on YouTube while I was living in Japan. From that point on, POP Pilates became a source of strength and friendship.

POP changed my body, gave me confidence, and helped me connect with new friends in a foreign country. Let me you – the burn and sweaty smiles are a universal language!

When POP Pilates became available as a group fitness class, I wanted to get certified. I was scared though – scared about whether I was strong enough, whether people would like it, whether I would succeed. After years of pondering, I finally mustered the courage to jump in.

Zero regrets.

POP Pilates is not just a workout. It’s a community of people who encourage and empower each other to be the best versions of themselves. I am so honoured to be part of this special group, and I cannot wait to show my community what POP Pilates is all about!

5 Fun Facts

  • When I’m not a POP Pilates Princess, I teach Bootcamp and Personal Training.
  • I am a professional graphic & web designer (it’s what I studied in University).
  • I have my Standard First Aid with CPR-C certification.
  • I am a proud geek. I love anime, Spiderman, Disney and so much more.
  • I love all things active. When I’m not dancing on that mat, I’m climbing rock walls, flowing into my warrior pose, punching a bag or spinning on a pole.